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Kid's room



"This is 5 times more fun than I thought it was going to be. When my mom said we were going to organize my room I thought yuugghhck."  My heart swelled - best not to react and ruin the moment. My client (age 11) & i worked together (no parents allowed in until we were done - his rule) for 3 hours decluttering, organizing and redecorating his room. True, there are a few more hooks than i would have chosen, but he took the lead on this one. With some guidance, his messy kid's room has become a playful retreat he takes pride in. Parents report he shows it off to everyone who visits the house. We call that a win in my business 

The Garage



My client wasn't feeling great that morning so she pulled up a lawn chair and directed my sorting while i emptied out the garage. We loaded up her car and she dropped off her donation items. "They were so grateful to get kids' toys. It felt so good giving them away". Meanwhile, i gave the garage a wipe-down, removed some evil curtains from the 80s and did my thing. This was a 3 hour session with no additional storage items purchased (as per mr. client's request). Now, when it's time for the bikes to go in the shed, they have room to park both cars in the garage. Yay for small victories.

Front Closet



Keep. Toss. Donate. Sell. This was a Keep closet. I flew solo on this project but had one primary directive from my client: Everything stays, just make it work better. The home already had what was needed: matching hangers, storage bins and hanging pockets, so start to finish this took about 45 minutes. The front closet is now home to a first aid kit, fire exitguisher, flashlight, thermos, candles and bar-be que lighter, neatly collected in an open storage basket, easily accessible to adults. Guests have room to hang their jackets and tuck their shoes away, and she gets to wear that killer trench she forgot she owned because it disappeared behind the vaccuum and dining table extension 2 years ago. 


Pro tip: Splurge on matching hangers

(dollar store or fancy ones) & hang

facing the same direction;

you'll be amazed at the visual calm they bring.

Pro tip: Hang it up. Peg boards, hooks or 

simple 3" nails help clear garage floors, prevent tripping hazards and make space for vehicles & garbage/recycle bins. 

Pro tip: Less is more. A clean palette

reduces visual clutter - especially important in your work space. Inexpensive magazine holders and boxes hide a mirade of mismatched office doodads, file folders and binders.


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