Natasha White  

Home & Office Professional Organizer

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serving edmonton, sherwood park, st. albert & beaumont

pop-up services in ottawa & prince edward island

Do you need help organizing your space?

Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to start?

Do you:

  • avoid areas in your home or business because of clutter

  • waste time trying to find what you're looking for

  • pay for storage units you rarely visit 

  • buy duplicates, pay late fees, wait for overdue payments

  • feel inspired or energized in your office

  • get stressed out by the things you own

  • wonder how to park vehicles in your garage

  • need help with a moving or downsizing project


Make space for the life you want.

Feel proud of your space.

Reduce your stress level.


Natasha is a natural-born organizer whose 25 years of experience in the education, events, and construction industries led to Organizing Edmonton. She loves organizing and decluttering spaces, getting her hands dirty, and especially enjoys that feeling a freshly organized space gives - accomplishment, order, lightness. 

A wanna-be minimalist, basketball enthusiast and meditation novice, Natasha values privacy, hard-work and humour. She's also a sucker for animals (except for sharks - she's not keen on sharks).


Money matters. Like you, we want to know how much things cost. And we want our clients to make informed choices - so we're happy to show our rates. We begin with the Starter package, understanding each project is unique and each client makes decisions at her/his own pace. 






  • Sessions are a minimum of 3 hours @ $65/hr

  • Rates do not include applicable taxes

  • Accepted payments: cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or e-transfer

  • If you need to reschedule or cancel please call as soon as you are able



Natasha White  

Home & Office Professional Organizer

       587. 859. 4556